Episode 7

Published on:

27th Nov 2020

Episode 7: Would You Survive? (Zombie Apocalypse Edition)

After reading the The Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks), Bree decides to quiz Josh and Jord about what they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Will they make smart decisions or will they lose their brains to the moaning hordes? Learn some helpful tips to assist you in your own crisis.

Who will fair best when the dead rise?

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The Mellow Tiger Podcast
Hosted by sarcastic siblings Bree Wolf and Jordan Ernst, The Mellow Tiger Podcast discusses everything from the paranormal to true crime.

All things are analysed under a dark, comedic lens as Bree and Jordan banter through some disturbing but interesting material.

About your hosts

Bree Wolf

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Lover of all things strange and macabre, Bree has spent many a free moment investigating the unusual and obscure.‚Äč

She firmly believes nothing pairs better with a cold beer than a good laugh and talk of creepy cryptids.

Contact: bree@mellowtigerpodcast.com

Jordan Ernst

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Level-headed with a penchant for unsolved mysteries, Jordan spends the majority of his working day devouring information on all things creepy.

If it goes bump in the night, he wants to know about it... And probably poke a little fun at it as well.

Contact: jordan@mellowtigerpodcast.com