Episode 28

Published on:

20th Feb 2022

E28: Kentucky Meat Shower & Cannibal Island

*Trigger Warning* The second part of this episode (35 minutes onwards) contains some real gnarly shit, there are mentions of sexual assault and cannibalism.

In 1876, a shower of something that wasn't water rained down on a farm in Kentucky. The land owners were surprised to see what looked liked... meat?

Speaking of flesh, in 1929 a whole bunch of Russian prisoners are sent to a remote island without food or shelter and shit gets real bad, real quick.

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The Mellow Tiger Podcast
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Hosted by three sarcastic siblings, The Mellow Tiger Podcast dives head first into all things strange and macabre. With a particular penchant for unsolved mysteries, cryptid encounters and bizarre historical events, here we banter through some unsettling but interesting topics.

Whether it be insane animal attacks, unexplained disappearances or disturbing true crime, all things are analysed under a dark, comedic lens that’ll be sure to tickle your funny bone and shiver your spine.

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Bree Wolf

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Lover of all things strange and macabre, Bree has spent many a free moment investigating the unusual and obscure.​

She firmly believes nothing pairs better with a cold beer than a good laugh and talk of creepy cryptids.

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Jordan Ernst

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Level-headed with a penchant for unsolved mysteries, Jordan spends the majority of his working day devouring information on all things creepy.

If it goes bump in the night, he wants to know about it... And probably poke a little fun at it as well.

Contact: jordan@mellowtigerpodcast.com